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Learn how to save on insurance premiums without sacrificing life-changing coverages

TV Commercials will not tell you how to protect yourself. This guide will.

I have worked for nearly a decade with a number of Maryland personal injury law firms throughout the State of Maryland, focusing on auto accident cases, and recovering damages for victims who have been seriously injured.

I have seen my share of accident claims: large, small and those that fall in-between. These include accidents that have resulted in catastrophic injuries and those that were little more than an inconvenience to the victim. A motor vehicle accident is always unpredictable and often times devastating.

The reality is that accidents do happen, and I have seen too many victims not properly covered or compensated. Educating yourself on what auto insurance is, does and covers is by far the best way to ensure that all of your bills will be paid should you be the unfortunate victim of a serious accident.

I have seen too many accidents where the final settlement did not properly "make the victim whole" due to improper insurance coverage or no coverage at all. In a response to these unfortunate situations, I have written this small guide on how to properly shop for automobile insurance in the State of Maryland. I hope you will learn how to become properly covered in case you are the unfortunate victim of a serious auto accident.

  • What is PIP Coverage, what does it do?
  • I'm a good driver, why do I need good insurance?
  • If I'm not at fault for an accident, will my insurance rates go up?

About The Author:

Jobeth R. Bowers is a lawyer with offices in Elkton and Baltimore Maryland. A member of the Maryland Association for Justice. He handles auto accident claims throughout the state of Maryland, and works with clients and members of the public to expand education on auto insurance and protecting yourself in case of an accident.

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