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Q: If I have $5,000 in PIP and only have $4,500 in medical bills can I get the rest of the money?

If the situation is as simple as the question, then the answer is no. Any unused PIP monies are gone after the completion of the claim. However, have you submitted every bill to your PIP carrier, or has your attorney? Often times people forget to submit pharmacy bills and receipts, or wage documentation for their PIP claim. Even if you have made a payment out of pocket, such as one for prescriptions, you are still entitled to have them paid for or reimbursed under your PIP coverage.

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About The Author:

Jobeth R. Bowers is a lawyer with offices in Elkton and Baltimore Maryland. A member of the Maryland Association for Justice. He handles auto accident claims throughout the state of Maryland, and works with clients and members of the public to expand education on auto insurance and protecting yourself in case of an accident.